Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back In Action... With a New Skirt!

We're back from a very long and very exciting road trip -- more in the coming days. Everyone in the house is sick, and I need time to process. But, here's a remainder from before we left -- I made a new skirt!

These pictures are terrible, I know, but I think you get the idea. It's my version of the Angry Chicken 5-Minute Skirt, which is a year-old tutorial, but always timely. I kind of remember wanting to make one of these back when it came out, but not having any Fold-Over Elastic (FOE). Now I have a small stash of FOE and really wanted an extra skirt for my vacation, so I went for it.

Now, this skirt is very wonky because I think I have some serious body issues, because I measured my waist about six inches bigger than needed. So, my pattern was a bit off and I kept having to take the seams in. As a result, the hemline is very asymmetrical, but I purposely left it that way to mimic an old American Apparel skirt that I love. The result is a swingy and very forgiving a-line skirt. It's cut on the bias and has an elastic waist, so it essentially feels like p.j.s I would like to make another of these before summer is over, but I don't have any fabric on hand and by the time I take care of that, summer will be nearly over. Plus, I'm planning to hit the gym hard come fall, so hopefully anything I make this summer won't fit by next, if you know what I mean.

In other clothing news, check out Ruby's adorable shirt. I ordered this through Worn Free, which is an awesome vintage rock T company. It's really soft and comfy and holds a ton of cred. Henry has a replica of the Working Class Hero shirt that John Lennon wore in the '70s, but he has to grow into it. So awesome. I really want one for myself, but the adult shirts are quite pricey, so I'm sticking to kids stuff for now.


Kenisha said...

Your new skirt is looking really nice!! I just love it so much...

sam lamb said...

i've only gotten as far as cutting the paper pattern for angry chicken's skirt. you've inspired me to finish - yours looks great! and if it feels like pjs, even better.