Thursday, August 27, 2009

May The Force Be With Her

The other day Leena, Aaron's mum, brought out a bunch of old Star Wars figurines that Aaron and his sister used to play with as kids. Leena lovingly explained to Ruby who all the characters (that she could remember) were and what Star Wars is all about. What you see above is Ruby's portrait of Princess Leia. This is just about the greatest thing I've seen since Ruby's inauguration day portrait of President Obama. I love the buns. Oh, the buns.

This brings up another point: do any of you feel like you're inadvertently forcing your kids to live in a time warp? Ruby has no idea that the original Star Wars is a dinosaur of a movie and would be laughed at by today's standards because there's no computer graphics. She has no idea of who Hannah Montana is (thank God), but loves T-Rex. She freaked out the other day when I told her John Lennon was dead -- she though he died that day. Her favourite toys are Care Bears and My Little Pony and Barbies, who are dressed in thrift store clothes from the '70s. I guess it's natural that I would transfer my own tastes to her and try to relive a little bit of my own childhood, but am I doing a disservice to her? Is it wrong that my kid thinks it's 1982... or 1978 or whatever?


cara lou said...

Haha! I wonder the same thing. But, I'm more worried about how current culture will affect William than how bringing him up in a time warp will. I don't think it's a disservice. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby,

Your painting is really good, I like it. We're eating pizza tonight. I miss you. I hope we see you soon.

love, Simon