Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Review: Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

If you're already a fan of Martha's awesome tome-style books (I'm thinking Cooking School, or the one with all the tips on how to keep your house clean), you're probably already all over her giant crafting encyclopedia. I for one am not always that interested when MS does crafting segments on her show. I'm way more of a needle and thread kind of crafter than a glue gun and jigsaw kind of girl, and Martha tends to lean towards the later. But, that doesn't mean that a book full of all kinds of crafting can't come in handy, right?

Set up like an actual encyclopedia, Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts offers chapters, A-Z, on all kinds of crafting categories. There really is a pretty broad range here: candle making, print making, glitter, working with shells, tin punching and many many more. Each section has an overview, some instructions and then sample projects. Of course, everything is gorgeous and looks neater and easier than it probably actually is, which is totally MS's forte.

So, while I can't see myself ever glue gunning sea shells all over a wastebasket or picture frame, there are a lot of amazing tips in here for smaller projects and just little things that may come in handy now and then. Like the Cooking School book, this is more of a resource that can sit on the shelf than a project book that you're going to want to make every single thing from. And it looks amazing -- although, from Martha, I'd never expect anything less.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Toronto, My Love

Okay, I realize that these are the least urban looking photos anyone has every come back with from a city like Toronto. Wow. But we were too busy talking and eating and visiting and drinking it all in to take photos on the street. Plus we didn't want to look like dorks.

Anyway, we're all home now. Renos still not finished. This is depressing. What's not depressing though, is the feeling that I desperately want to return to Toronto and drink in every brick of the city, but I was kind of happy to see Calgary. I spent most of the week telling people that I kind of hate it here, but once we got home, I immediately realized it wasn't true. Location is such a weird thing. I yearn to be settled, but I also yearn to live and experience more places. Stay tuned (you may have to stay tuned for many many years to see what happens next, but such is life).

Friday, May 15, 2009

Small Scale

Ladies (and maybe a gentleman or two, but I'm not sure), I present to you, my first finished quilt! Yes, it's just a doll quilt, but still, a quilt. I can not tell you how completely satisfied I was to finish this little beauty. Months ago I did the top and quilting on a quilt for Henry's eventual big boy bed, but I've been terrified to do the binding. Binding is an intimidating thing, I tell you. But now I know I can do it and I'm ready to quilt my little heart out.

I followed the doll quilt Sew-along that went up on Sew Mama Sew during their month of fat quarters (though, I didn't actually "sew-along"). Easy peasy. I used a bunch of scrap fabrics and the same backing that I used on Henry's still unfinished quilt. I'm really loving all the pink and hope Ruby freaks out when I hand it over to her to use with her dolls (she still loves putting her dollies to bed and pretending that she's their mama). I think this kind of quilt would be a great gift for a little girl and I look forward to making more as a way to try out new quilting techniques. Though, I do have some more larger scale plans (hint: I've been saving baby clothes for four years....)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weekend Thrift

Pretty blue bracelet, $1.

Pyrex. Gifted by my beloved sister-in-common-law.

Blue Mountain elephant and deer, $4 and $2 respectively.

So, I'm a little late on the thrift show and tell this week. May has been crazy busy already and will just continue to be nutty. Plus I've been taking some extra work assignments and, well, writing for pay is just more luring these days. Sorry. Anyway, more blogging soon... but not next week, because I'll be out of town. You know how it is.

Oh, and yes, these pictures were taken in my kitchen. My awesome, awesome kitchen. There will be photos of that too, once everything is 100 per cent finished. Also, hopefully next week. Hopefully.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vancouver Weekend

I do have some crafty stuff to show and tell, but I can't seem to find enough time in my house in daylight to actually take a photo (though, I should not be complaining that our contractors are working like crazy to finish things off). We spent the weekend in gorgeous Vancouver to celebrate a beloved Aunt's birthday with an amazing meal out and a garden supper party. So much love. xoxo.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Candy Apple Green

The kitchen is so close to being done that I can taste it. Or taste all the delicious food that I will soon be able to cook, that is.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend Thrift

Fire King mugs, $1 each.

Blue Mountain tea pot, $8.

Pyrex Horizon Blue Cinderella bowl, $7 (not a bargain, I know, but it's mint)

Pink bike, $10.

Juice glasses, $1 for a set of five.

This weekend wasn't as magical as last, but we did (and I do mean we, as Aaron was actually in on some of this action) not do too badly for ourselves (and would have done better if the clerk at Val. Ville. hadn't smashed my depression glass jar when she was wrapping it). There's more, but I don't want to bore you all to death. The morbidly curious can always swing by my Thrift Flickr Set (newest additions are at the top).