Thursday, May 13, 2010

Art Star

I've had one of those weeks where I was extra extra extra proud of my kiddos. Ruby participated in a summer art program last July and they held back a piece by each of the kids. They went through all the pieces, chose about 50 and curated an art show at a little gallery downtown. We went to the opening last week and Ruby decked herself out in a pretty dress and a tiara and was just so lovely and pleased with herself. The organizers asked if she'd come back this week to be interviewed by a local TV channel about her piece. Ruby is a very animated girl but clams up around strangers, so I was reluctant, but she wanted to do it and she did a great job. Proud, I tell ya.

So, here is the painting. It's a cowgirl. I'd forgotten that she'd signed her name backwards -- it was something she did for about three weeks last year and could never explain why she did it. Her drawing has changed so much in the last year and it was amazing to see this little nugget captured from when she was a mere four and a half.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting! Congrats, Ruby!