Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Eh, Spring?

I wanted to make a banner for spring (a la Alicia), but I was starting to think that I'd dragged my heels for too long and the spring boat was passing me by. But, as I look out my window at a major blizzard (on May 4), I'm reminded that this has been a wacky year for weather everywhere. I originally planned to have this up by St. Patrick's Day (hence a lot of green), but with spring not quite here yet, I'm certainly not too late.

Anyway, I'm feeling good that I finished something. I had a major breakdown this week over Ruby's kindergarten enrollment next year. Basically, I was feeling less than great about our local elementary school and could envision her life being steered in the wrong direction (I realize this was kind of crazy). My instincts that the school is less than ideal for our family were confirmed after I spoke to the principal (note: it's still a decent school, just not right for us), so we've decided to sacrifice locale for an amazing school that suits our family's style and beliefs. I am so excited, but the excitement only comes after a load of stress and some sleepless nights. I have a feeling that our family's life is never going to be boring. Which I kind of appreciate, but sometimes a little boring would be nice if it means I get a little bit of extra sleep. Phew.

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lamb-things said...

Glad that your school situation is settled and I love the banner.