Sunday, May 09, 2010

To the Moms

This is a picture of the shadow that came through my bedroom window yesterday morning. I captured it as best as I could. I feel so lucky to live in a neighbourhood with decent mature trees.

So, Mothers' Day, right? This one is a good one and a tough one for me. The reason I've been less present in this space in the last six months or so is that I have little to blog about (not making much) and can barely find the words when I do have something to say. I'm hoping that this crazy period is the pinnacle of my kids' craziness -- my two-year-old is a complete wild man and my five-year-old is a curious question-asker that insists on bossing her brother around at all times. This makes for a lot of talking in our house. And screaming. And whining. I love these children more than anything and I know I will miss this special time once they're through being little. But man, I can hardly wait until I get to a time when I can hear myself think for more than two minutes throughout the day. Although, by the time that happens, I'll probably be heartbroken that they're not babies anymore.

I'm savoring this mother's day as best as I can. I love being a mother. But I'm also looking forward to a future date when I have the headspace to be a functioning person again.


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