Monday, November 21, 2005

Man and wife

I didn't get much doll knitting done over the weekend -- the whole family has been feeling a bit under the weather and then we took Ruby to the Santa Claus parade. On top of that, it's been slow going because I've been too lazy to make adjustments to the dolls before I just start knitting, so I've had to frog a fair bit to get the dolls looking like their intended recipients. What you see here is the nearly finished Brad, awaiting to be stuffed and embroidered and what I thought was the nearly finished Joanne.

But don't her legs look too short? Well, they are. When I took another look at the original Joan Jett pattern, I realized I'd missed about 10 rows (to be fair, it's a pretty muddy pattern, since the three dolls in the book are pretty drastically different). Also, since I cracked open a fresh skein of blue Brown Sheep Nature Spun to make Brad's jeans, I figured I could spare Jo from having to wear self-striping red heart pants. So, tonight I finish the legs. And then I go to bed early. I swear.


carrie said...

the dolls look so cute! i admire how ambitious you are. i just knit up a little doll that resembles the Edge from U2, so I can attest to how hard knitting people can be!

elizabooth said...

Thanks! It's actually been pretty fun so far, but I'm totally paranoid about people getting offended if they don't like what they see. Like, their mouths will say "thank you," while their hearts will say "I'm not that chubby!" or "do you really think my hair is that bad?" By the way, your Edge doll is adorable.