Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What, me worry?

So, there's been a tremendous lack of progress on the doll making front. I could make excuses (and they're all legit): both Ruby and I are still sick and not sleeping well, I've got a stack of Xmas cards to get out, we're throwing a holiday party and I have to make cookies, I'm out of home-made baby food and have to spend a couple of nights doing that... all in all, the dolls aren't looking like they're going to get made any time soon. I have completed the Lauren doll (without stuffing or details), but I can't see myself moving on to her husband Scott until next week. Daniella and Erin will come after that. And then I still have to do the details and final construction of all six dolls.

But it's not all panic and worry on my end. Leanne of Momcast fame and her husband Sean are coming up from Hamilton today with their son Kieran to pay a visit. I haven't seen them since their wedding in the summer, so it'll be good. Now if that Ruby would only take a nap...

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