Friday, December 02, 2005

The Divine Miss L

I'm still a stress case over all this Xmas stuff -- Aaron keeps telling me to scale down, but I just can't do this stuff half-assed. I have to make at least some of the gifts, because we can't afford nice presents this year, and I just can't be happy giving people I love something like a CD that they barely even want. And I send out about 150 cards every year, but we're so isolated here in Toronto, it's my only way of feeling like I'm in touch with my family and friends in the weeks leading up to the holidays. As for the cookies and the open house, I really want to establish traditions for Ruby so that she loves Christmas as much as I do.

We did manage to have some fun this week though. We went and saw Santa on Tuesday. Ruby screamed as soon as he got a hold of her and she's all bleary-eyed in the photo, but it's super cute. Then we had a great visit with Leanne and Sean and Kieran (and Joanne, though she didn't come all the way from Hamilton) on Wednesday. Leanne gave me some awesome knitted wash cloths as a housewarming gift and they're very scrubby and very pretty. Thanks!

What you see here is the nearly completed Lauren doll. I ran out of the pink Cascade that I used for the skin tones for the Brad and Jo dolls, so I picked up some Ivory coloured yarn at Dollarama for a whole dollar. It's called Phentex Merit -- I've never heard of it before. Then I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for her legs (do you like the mary jane shoes?). Problem is, while the gauge was matching up with the other dolls horizontally, Miss L was all off vertically -- her legs were as long as Brad's! Of course, it would have been a waste of time to swatch for such tiny pieces, so I've done a lot of frogging. So far I've frogged: Jo's arms, Jo's legs, Brad's legs, Lauren's legs, Jo's head and Scott's torso. Either way, three down, three more to go.


mamaloo said...

Just so you know, I had a blast on our visit. I am now praying to the entrepreneurial gods that a Mexican restaurant opens in Hamilton. Ruby was a real treasure to hang with: I enjoyed every minute of playing and knitting with her.

I'm going to insist to Sean that we do that more frequently: come into the city and just hang out together for a few hours. I'm guessing all I have to do is bribe him with record store shopping and it'll happen :)

Your dolls are going great, too. I'm scared of doing such tiny knitting. Is it in the round or flat? (I'm too lazy to haul my own S&B book out to check, hahahaha!)

elizabooth said...

The dolls' bodies are knitted flat and the heads are done in the round on dpns.

Thanks for your kind words! We'd love to see you guys come our way any time!