Sunday, December 04, 2005

C is for cookie

Today was a very family-oriented weekend in my home, and it made me really reflect on my weird desire for domestic domination. It used to be that all I did was go out, see bands, drink booze, flirt with boys and such. Now my interests tend to be more along the lines of cooking baby food, knitting, learning how to sew, making meatloaf and baking cookies. Now, necessity (i.e. Ruby) can be blamed for much of this, but it goes beyond just straight mothering.

Yesterday we went over to an amazing home craft sale hosted by our friends Sam and Jay, featuring bags, softies and ornaments made by Sam and some artwork by Jay. Ruby had a blast playing with her buddy Sadie and Aaron and I enjoyed the company of the other parents there. Jay brought out his gum portrait of Avril Lavigne (he makes the most amazing pictures out of chewing gum -- check them out here) and I couldn't help but thinking that it wasn't long ago that I was riding in a limo with Avril or bumping into her at fancy parties. Now I'm sitting in the living room of someone I met through a mother's group, looking at her portrait. It felt good though -- the gum Avril didn't make me miss being in the realm of the real Avril as much as it made me thankful that we've managed to meet so many cool moms and dads in the past 10 months. While I do run into the occasional Stepford wife in the park (and my friend Kim almost got into a fight at a recent Doodlebops concert in Mississauga -- but that's a different story), the moms from my moms group are all incredibly smart and interesting women. Women who live right in my neighbourhood, but I probably never would have met if it weren't for our lovely little babies.

Either way, the whole having to be home by 8 so that Ruby can be in bed thing, plus my drive to become a super housewife while still continuing some kind of writing career from home, isn't necessarily a bad thing. I may have less celebrity encounters and open bars in my life, but when I looked around my home today and saw my daughter laughing, cookies baking in the oven and my husband putting up Christmas lights, there was no where I'd rather have been.

So, enough of the sappy mom reflections. I'm a torso, two arms and a leg into the Scott doll, but I spent most of today baking cookies for our upcoming holiday party. So, enjoy these photos of my peppermint double chocolate chip and gingerbread cookies. Yes, I'm using the Family Circle holiday issue as a crutch.

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