Monday, December 19, 2005


So, the holiday party went off with nary a hitch (except for the fact that Miss Ruby refused to have a nap and got pretty cranky with some of the other babies). The food was delicious, the guests gracious, the punch punchy... and the real life dolls loved their gifts. For real. I was gifted much wine and chocolate, so Aaron and I are getting an early start to the holidays tonight with some red wine and dark cocoa. Yum!

Now, those dolls were fun to make, but I did miss the simple pleasure of knitting -- the knit pieces are so tiny, it's really more of a seaming project than pure knitting. So, to keep my idle fingers busy, I whipped up this little hat. I used a pattern from the headhuggers website, which is a site dedicated to producing caps for chemo patients. Yes, I greedily made one for myself. Anyway, it was one of those "use any worsted weight yarn and see how big it turns out pattern," but it turns out I've become a tight knitter since giving birth and mine was tiny, so I had to make some adjustments. It doesn't look anything like the picture, but it'll do. Once I have time, I promise I'll do one for a cancer fighter.

Anyway, the posting may be light (or pictureless) over the next few weeks, since we're taking Ruby out west to hang out with her grandparents. So, happy holidays to all!

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