Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Thinking ahead...

So, I looked at the new Knitty today (I'm not sure how long it's been up) and it's got me thinking about what to do once I've finished these darn dolls. The answer? More dolls! I've become obsessed with Jess Hutchison's simple but lovely stuffed toys after Mamaloo turned me on to them and she has a sweet little stuffed cat up on Knitty. I think Ruby would like it. I'm also on the wait list for her booklet (pictured here) which is full of great stuff. I'm just so addicted to my dpns, I can't stop with the dolls.

As for the rest of Knitty, there wasn't much that piqued my interest. Stephanie Japel's Forecast was especially disappointing. Oh well, there's so much in the archives that I want to try, Knitty is always a source of inspiration.

So, other than the cat, what will I knit next? I never really dug into SNB Nation after I got it for Xmas last year (due to the appearance of Ruby on February 1) and I would like to tackle Fairly Easy Fair Isle and Poster Boy (with a picture of Aaron on it -- yes, I'm a dork). I also need to make myself a toque, some stuff for Ruby, and I do like the shawl that Stephanie Japel posted on her site last month. Where to start? Any suggestions?

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mamaloo said...

I wanna give the Mrs Beeston wristwarmers a try. They look so beautiful! But, yeah, most of the winter Knitty wasn't awe inspiring. I think the nieces will be getting kitty dolls, too. They look so damned cute!