Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lack Of Self-Portrait Tuesday

Ironically enough, there will be no SPT today because I just don't have the time. We leave for holiday on Friday (to, erm, Hawaii), Ruby's got an ear and eye infection, I've got a terrible cold and there is still so much to be done.

So, today I give you a picture of the cutest bikini I've ever seen. Mindful of timing, I suppose, I bought this one last fall in anticipation of our tropical vacation. Since I'm paranoid about the Roo burning she'll probably only wear it for a photo before being shoved into her full body UV suit. Still, I think it's adorable and it cost a whole four dollars.


carrie said...

that certainly *is* the cutest bikini ever. hope everyone is feeling better soon!

tania said...

have a lovely trip! once you are there your cold will seem like nothing ( i hope!)
cutest bikini ever!

Kelly said...

cute bikini! Enjoy Hawaii, we were there for our honeymoon, you'll have a fab time :)