Friday, March 31, 2006

Gone Fishing

Don't expect much from these parts over the next two weeks -- our little family is packing up and going on vacation. I may post remotely, but I may not, so please do return when I return mid-month.

For the morbidly curious, I'll be bringing along a hank of Opal sock yarn for the IW Simply Lovely Lace Socks and some Lamb's Pride for a Jess Hutch toy. And yes, I've figured out where the tropical LYS is. I'm making a pact with myself that I'm not going to use it.

Happy spring!


p said...

have a great trip :)

Elabeth said...

Hey Lady!
I got my final package! Thanks SOoooo've been a great Secret Pal. I loooove that chocolate, and I am all sore from roller derby practice so I already broke into everything without taking a picture. I know, I suck..but it was just what I needed today :) I've never done any cross-stitch EVER so this will be nifty to try. Thanks again!