Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Meet Ivy

It's been pretty grey here (both figuratively and literally), so I thought I'd brighten things up with a picture of a knitted toy that Ruby got from her Nana and Poppa this summer. Leena and Roger were vacationing in Newfoundland and they came across a store full of these beautiful knitted dolls. We named Ruby's doll Ivy and, except for the skirt, she's knit in the round in a single piece. I think she's amazing -- I love her orange hair, her athletic socks and the cat on her turtleneck sweater. Apparently there's a gaggle of elderly ladies knitting these things to sell at the store. The best part? She only cost $10. Now, these ladies could easily sell these things in a hipster store in Toronto or Vancouver for $40, but they're keeping it real up there in Newfoundland.

Speaking of pink and Project Spectrum, here's the first of my Fleece Artist Mata Hari socks. I've been feeling pretty uninspired, what with all the work work I have on my plate and Ruby's continuing teething/not sleeping woes. I must say, I'm not feeling these socks. I'll go into it in further detail once I finish/abandon sock #2, but since Mata Hari isn't really a pattern so much as a stitch chart and I'm not the most experienced sock master in the world, I'm not feeling like I'm doing my best work. And, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to run out of yarn. Still, I'm determined to press on, once I'm done the sleeves on my Swing Thing, of course. I'll keep you updated.


carrie said...

oh my goodness, ivy is lovely! when i first saw it, i thought you'd knit it and was blown away! i bet you could, though that's a lot of ends to weave in.

the socks are great!

lamb-things said...

I love ivy. I bet you could knit it too. And, I'm very interested in your sock, was it hard? I wish I could make socks & mitts. Your knitting is amazing, love the swing thing.

Celtic Knitter said...

That doll is awesome! That is a total steal for that price! They could sell them for more, I'm sure of it!