Saturday, July 01, 2006

My home and native land

Happy Canada Day to those of you who care about such things. For those who don't, July 1 is essentially our July 4, a day to feel patriotic, do a little flag waving, a little beer drinking and a little barbeque eating.

Being back in the fold of our family, the only thing our wee family could do today was to head out to Drumheller, which is where my mother's people hail from and where my Aunt Janie and Uncle Jerry host an annual BBQ. We watched the town Canada Day parade, which featured tractors, horses, a pipe band, an Elvis impersonator and vehicles representing local businesses, from which handfuls of candy were lobbed at the kids in the crowd. Gotta love small town parades. Did I mention there was an Elvis impersonator?


Erin said...

Ruby is so gorgeous!! I love her outfit in that picture. Happy Canada Day to you all!

crabbykate said...

I think I missed the post where you moved to Calgary. Wow!

K-Dough said...

Little known fact: Elvis was not Canadian.

By the way: I asked Maddie if she'd like me to say hi to y'all for her. She promptly replied "no. no no no no no no...No! Noooooooooooooooo."

It's catching!!!!