Monday, July 24, 2006

They Call Me Excalibur

By popular request, I give you the sword in the stone. Most of our friends thought we were joking until they saw it for real at our inaugural housewarming barbeque last night. It's actually more of a sword (and the kind they use for fencing -- I don't know the actual term) in a block of petrified wood, but still. Whoever manages to pull it out becomes the next premier of Alberta (pardon the bad Calgary joke).

So, summer seems to be a sloooow time in the craft blog world and I'm turning out to be no exception. I've wussed out on the Self-Portrait Challenge this month (I was so excited about the theme, but with my current energy level it turned out to be too, er, challenging) and have little time to post about my other foibles (and honestly, other than the stress of moving, I have few foibles to report). Strangely, I have been doing okay on the knitting front and should finish my July socks with time to spare.

Our stuff has finally arrived from Toronto and I'm meeting some other people in the neighbourhood. The people who live next door to us are great and have a gorgeous little son who's about a year younger than Ruby. Other than that, most of the people in our neighbourhood seem to be in their 90s, save for the negligent mothers we met at the park the other day who let their toddlers play in a school-age playground unattended. While the moms were chatting at the other end of the school-yard, Ruby got pretty severely beat up by a three year old, whom I had to pull off of her. His mother didn't even notice and was too far away to hear me scolding her brutish son. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling very welcomed to the neighbourhood.

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Ninja Knitter said...

Sword-like thingy = epee (there's supposed to be an accent in there somewhere, but it's been years since I did ASCII accents)

And as for the moms...what can I say other than welcome to suburbia. :) When I went to a local playgroup for the first time to check out the scene...I was set agog by the number of kids running around in stinky diapers paired with Moms with perfect helmet hair and fake nails. Quelle mindtrip.

Me, I'm lucky if I can get my hair to stay in a messy ponytail...but at least my kid ain't stinky. Heh.