Monday, August 28, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge -- Enclose Me

I've been super delinquent with the SPC this summer, but I decided that if I treat it too much like a homework assignment it'd become a real drag. And really, do you all need to look at my face every week -- especially when the posts have hardly been coming fast and furious over the summer months? So, I still contribute to the site and do the self-portraits when the mood strikes me.

Here I am in my shower. It's an enclosed space (as this month's assignment dictates), but it actually feels very liberating and free in there, because there's a full sized window right in the shower. Now, to me a bathroom is rarely a deal breaker when it comes to buying a house. We don't have enough money to be perfectionists when it comes to our home, so I've never had a bathroom (or a kitchen, for that matter) that I'd consider ideal. But the one thing that I've always coveted in a loo is a window in the shower. Nothing feels better than standing under the tap and looking into the garden. Especially our crazy garden full of lawn ornaments.

So, here I am. Enclosed, but free. Nice, eh?


Jeremy Stockwell said...

Yes, very nice, indeed. Well done.

Bedazzzled1 said...


Deb R said...

I like the photo!

And I agree about a window in the shower. I've only ever lived one place that had one (not where we live now) and I liked it.

Loralee Choate said...

Hmmm...My shower can make me feel claustrophobic at times. I bet a window would make it much better.