Wednesday, August 23, 2006

With A Cherry On Top

So, what did you do this weekend? My life has weirdly exploded into a parade of social engagements, which I'm finding wonderful, but strange. I actually had to turn down an invitation to go rollerskating tonight because I'm going out dancing. It's like I'm 21 and childless all over again!

Well, not quite, but I have been having fun. On Friday, after we last spoke, Aaron took me out to a chic new pizzeria for my birthday dinner. I was surprised to find a table full of my friends waiting for me -- surprising because Aaron pulled the same gracious stunt last year and he hasn't traditionally been a huge birthday planner. It was a great time and I was plied with gifts of desserts, which I spent the rest of the weekend eating. Then on Sunday my friend Jenaya hosted a huge front yard consignment sale, which I provided some clothes for and spent the day hanging out at. While the sale was super fun, we were all a little disappointed that despite Jenaya's efforts at handing out about a zillion handbills, we didn't attract many hipsters. It was mostly just the average garage sailors, who weren't willing to shell out for our consignment store prices. It was too bad because there was so many awesome items to be snapped up.

I myself chose a gorgeous green vintage coat and a poly dress with a lovely cherry print. Aaron can't get behind the dress -- he's calling it too '80s retro, which is a fashion trend that neither he or I can really pull off. Granted, the belt and gathered neckline and cuffs does evoke a certain red Avon lipstick/tan hose/menthol cigarette swirl that reminds me of the 30-year-old version of my mother, but I love the dress and plan to wear it with the coat and a pair of red heels to many a Christmas party this winter. Minus the Avon lipstick, tan hose and menthol smokes (I find all smoking gross, but menthols take the cake) of course.

So, tonight I'm off dancing (for a bachelorette party no less), I have a girls movie night on Friday, a wedding Saturday and my dad's birthday Sunday. If this isn't enough to lift me out of the "I miss Toronto" blues, I don't know what is.


gnarly nanny said...

i love the dress (and the coat!) wear them with pride.
love love love.
wish i was close enough to check out your sale! :(

Kelly said...

drools....... I'm in love with that coat!!! You lucky thing you, enjoy it!

carrie said...

oh, the dress and coat are absolutely adorable.