Friday, June 06, 2008

Family Photo Friday: Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Ruby in Edmonton.
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Today is my Grandma Ruby's 85th Birthday. This is a picture of her walking down the street in 1948, putting her at 25 years old (I think she'd already had three kids at this point!). I love how she looks so oblivious to the camera in this photo -- it looks like something out of a newspaper. It must have been taken by someone she knew (I'm guessing my grandfather), but it seems so detached.

Anyway, I love this photo and I love my Grandma. Happy Birthday!

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Alicia said...

Hi: Love the photo of your Grandma. Probably the reason she looks oblivious is that the photo was taken by a street photographer. I'm not entirely sure how it worked, but I think the photographer would give her a card and she could contact him/her later for her photo. I have one of my grandma, as does my partner. In Vancouver they were known as "Foncie Photos" after Foncie Pulice.