Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Guys And Dolls

Ruby likes dolls. She always has. I've been discussing nature vs. nurture a lot with other parents lately and despite all the women's studies and gender psychology classes I took in university, since becoming a parent I'm definitely leaning towards nature these days. Not that it's in all girls' natures to be doll people, but it certainly is for my little gal.

I've been seeing a bit of a resurrection of the Fisher Price My Friend dolls on a few crafty blogs and Ruby gets to play with her Auntie Daniella's old My Friend Mandy doll. I love this doll -- I remember playing with one when I was a kid, but I don't remember if it belonged to me or a friend. Either way, Daniella was not a doll kind of girl, so this Mandy is in great shape having almost never have been played with until Ruby came along. And she has a great wardrobe too. I love her. Leena recently picked up some of these for Ruby, which she also likes, but I remain partial to Mandy.

And I did some cutting of fabric today for what will be my first quilt. Of course, it's the Easy Lap Quilt from Bend The Rules Sewing. I really want to take a quilting class to learn how to do more complicated quilts, but for now I'm happy to do a strip quilt with some cheap-o vintage fabric. Hooray!


mamaloo said...

But, she does have a mother who still likes to play with dolls ;)

So, maybe nurture has a strong hand in things.

Veronique said...

Ooh, love the green quilt.
Don't really know much about the nature/nurture debate... Other than, yes, I did play with dolls and not toy trucks!

Vicki said...

I have that doll. My Mom made a her a fab brown faux fur and satin cape when I was a kid. I need to find it next time I'm at my parents.
The My Friend Audrey doll was my favourite. She still sits in my room. I tried to give it to Sid but she keeps saying I should keep her. I also have Joey...somewhere.
Sid is a totally girly girl, so was I, so was my Mom. Who knows...