Thursday, June 05, 2008


I forgot, there was something else I wanted to say about Ruby's doll play (sorry, I'm having a tough week, my brain is mush). Ruby was playing with those Ty Girlz dolls that Leena got her (they're kind of a cross between Beanie Babies and Bratz) and this exchange took place.

Leena: Now that you have the dolls dressed you can pretend they're talking to each other. [picks up one doll] "I'm going to a party. Where are you going?]
Ruby: [Picks up the other doll] "I'm going to Shoppers' Drug Mart to buy make-up!"

Yow. Now, to Mamaloo, who suggested that the doll play is more nurture than nature because I'm a bit of a girly type myself, I do love make-up but I don't wear a lot of it and I think the only time I've even bought any with Ruby in tow was at Sephora. So there. And, to balance out Ruby's total priss girly-ness, we had the following conversation the next day.

Me: Roo, why did you just go into your room and close the door?
Ruby: I was hiding.
Me: Why were you hiding?
Ruby: I wanted to pick my nose and I didn't want you to tell me to stop.

Again, yow. But, I feel better knowing that her one Girlz doll is named Hilary. She came with the name, but when we told Ruby what she was called, Roo proudly yelled out "Like Hilary Clinton!" Word.

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mamaloo said...

"Ruby: I wanted to pick my nose and I didn't want you to tell me to stop."


I haven't laughed that loudly at the internet in a while!

Kieran likes to play with dolls, too, only his look like figures from Doctor Who and Star Wars. That is totally a nurture thing as Sean and I are total scifi geeks.

It's his obsession with firetrucks that was always totally a nature thing.