Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Peeps

To cheer ourselves up and usher in Halloween, I picked up a little pumpkin painting kit, consisting of some paint, a brush and six little pumpkins. Simple, no? I was hoping that it would entertain Ruby for a good part of the afternoon, but she didn't want to get fancy with her pumpkin faces, so it only took up a mere 15 minutes of our day (why is it so hard to entertain a pre-schooler when you don't feel like going outside?). But, I think she actually did a pretty good job on the faces, especially since this is a kid who does not really enjoying drawing stuff that actually looks like, you know, stuff.

I've lovingly named the pumpkins: Barack, Joe, Anderson, Campbell, Hilary and Tina Fey. I am watching way too much CNN. November 4 can not come quickly enough. And I'm not even American.

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Anonymous said...

lol.... I have the same problem. I set up an activity thinking it will consume at least 30ins to an hour and 10 mins later we are done.!!!! ohhhh my!!! Pumpkins look great!!