Friday, July 17, 2009

Art, Part 2

Ruby has spent the last two weeks attending a class at our local arts centre (which is the most awesome thing in the world). Every morning she'd go in and work on her art. Ruby likes drawing and painting, but she's lacked confidence in actually drawing things other than stick people because she'd complain "I don't know hooooooow!" She's a bit of a perfectionist, that one. This class was awesome because the teacher would chose a subject and do her own example and then act as a taskmaster, making sure the kids got it right. There wasn't a lot of creative free will, but Ruby kind of needed that sort of detailed instruction. As a result, she made some great stuff and her confidence has grown.

I love these pictures so much, my heart weeps when I look at them. Up top you've got a chicken jumping over a fence, then a t-shirt featuring a peacock(!) and finally, a button with a cowgirl portrait on it. The cowgirl also exists in the form of an awesome painting, but the art centre asked to keep it so they could submit it to a city wide children's art show next year. We won't get it back until June, but I'm pretty sure I'll frame it when we get it back (though, by then Ruby's art will have probably advanced, rendering it too childish for her own tastes).

Speaking of Ruby, she's downstairs right now listening to old kids records from the '60s on her vintage Fisher Price turntable. So awesome.

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