Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Baby Socks That Time Almost Forgot

See these itty-bitty teeny-weenie baby socks? They took me (by my own foggy calculations) at least 14 weeks to knit. Fourteen weeks! I know, I have every right to have taken 14 weeks to knit a pair of baby socks: I had carpal tunnel in the weeks leading up to Henry's birth and was also in a hellish four-week pre-labour which I later found out all but left my uterus unusable (ladies, if it feels like something's wrong, press your doctor. Don't take "it's normal" for an answer if you really don't think it is). Then, of course, I've had a three-year-old to chase and a little bruiser of a baby who eats at hour-and-a-half intervals. But, look, socks!

This is from a very easy, almost intuitive baby sock recipe, found here. I used some leftover yarn from a pair of adult socks: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Envy, so Henry now has socks that match a pair I made his Nana for Christmas. The two baby socks took up almost exactly the remainder from one skein of sock yarn that had already yielded a single adult sock. So, two skeins of something like Shepherd Sock should give you a pair of grown-up socks and two pairs of baby socks (depending on how long the grown-up socks are, of course).

I'm planning to make a few more of these, if not for Henry, for all the other babies in my life (20 newborns in 2008!). It's a great way to get rid of all those little remainder balls that are lying around the house and they also provide a knitting project that I may actually finish one day.

Oh, and speaking of babies, my dinner out with my friends was great for me, but horrible for Henry and Aaron. Henry is normally a weirdly well-behaved baby (Ruby cries more in the course of a day than he does), but apparently he's also already a full-on mama's boy. He screamed the whole time I was gone, and was smiley and quiet the minute I came through the door. Ack.


Veronique said...

I've heard this complaint many times: a patient feels that something is wrong, but somehow the medical team doesn't get it. I can tell you that, as someone who works in a hospital, it's frustrating for both sides... I hope you're all right!

tania said...

very cute! andit took me over a year to knit the only socks i ever made-
freaky about the doc telling oyu its normal- i hate when thye do that and they seem to do it alot-

Lucy said...

Oh Mama's Boys.... I have quite a few friends with baby boys right now who say that it is impossible to move without their little parasite attached.

Still, it could be worse, my 4 year old asked if Sean and I could drop her off at the mall. ;)

Anonymous said...

would you happen to be selling any socks like this? same exact? i just lost baby girl with socks very similar. Somewhere in the shuffle we misplaced socks like this in which i cannot find anywhere. They were my favorites. I'm willing to pay. I guess this is really a long shot but i hope i get a response.