Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers Day... Tardy Due To Mothering

Yikes, I meant to say happy Mothers Day on Sunday, but due to the activity of mothering, I've been really busy. Henry is coming along nicely (soooo close to rolling over, but for now I'll take his constant smiling and cooing) and Ruby is... well, very three. When I put her to bed on Sunday night we had the following exchange:

R: Mommy, when I wake up in the morning will it still be Mothers Day?
Me: No, sweetie. Mothers Day will be over in the morning.
R: Good. That means it'll go back to being Ruby Day.

That's what we get for using the "Today is Mothers' Day because every day is kids' day" argument. Yoinks.

Anyway, above is a picture of my own sweet mother playing on the farm where she grew up. Until next time, have a happy Ruby Day.


Veronique said...

Ha ha! The world according to Ruby!

tania said...

ha! that is too cute-