Monday, May 19, 2008

Long Weekend Randoms

Happy May long weekend, Canadians! It's been a beautiful May long here -- so hard to believe that we had piles of snow just a few weeks ago and now we're slapping on the sunscreen and blowing up the kiddie pool. Here are some randoms:

*Spring reading: Okido came in the mail for Ruby the other day and I'm loving it (and so, thankfully, is she). I had never heard of this one before and then I read about it on someone's blog (don't recall which one) and I had to order it. It's a British magazine for kids 2 to 7 and it's really, really awesome -- not at all like the Owl and Chickadee mags that I used to subscribe to as a kid. This issue is all about digestion, which is timely considering our ongoing fight with constipation in our house (with Ruby, not the adults, thank you very much). Kind of costly, seeing as it comes from the U.K., but worth it. And for me, I finally got Amanda's book. Haven't had time to give it a good look yet, but I'm really looking forward to it.

*We finally saw the Bob Dylan movie I'm Not There. Now, I'm a bit of a Dylan obsessive, so I was skeptical, especially over the stunt casting of Cate Blanchett. Well, not only was she great, but the whole thing was great. And it had Heath Ledger in it. And David Cross!

*Boys clothes are not nearly as fun as girls, but check out the boy version of those girls socks that look like mary janes. Cowboy boots! From Trumpette.

*And I have plans to actually go out for dinner tonight. Without kids. In public. With adults. Most of whom don't have kids. Wish Aaron luck -- Henry's been grumpy today.

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Veronique said...

There were quite a few great kid magazines in France (Astrapi was my favorite!).
have fun at your grown up outing :)