Friday, November 20, 2009

And So It Begins...

We always have a holiday party at the beginning of December, so holiday baking usually starts here at the beginning of November. Not so much this year. I'm a little bit freaking out because of the lack of party prep on my part -- but until very recently, Aaron's spent most of the month out of town and I've been sick since October 24 (yes, I know the date). Today I finally buckled down and made the first batch of cookies, but the freaking is still strong.

These are Chocolate Crackles from the Martha Stewart Cookie book, which I love. I made these last year too and they were so loved by all that Aaron's mum also added them to her repertoire. Actually, they also showed up at an Oscar party we went to, baked by my friend Tasya, who is a very picky baker. So they come highly recommended. As usual, each member of the family was entitled to a single cookie for dessert, then the rest of the batch went into the freezer. Next stop, cheese balls.

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Cheryl Arkison said...

If you want an equally delicious but lower fat version of those try the Chocolava cookies on They've replaced Martha's in our house.