Monday, November 16, 2009

Capital R

I bought Ruby this fabric-covered R at Anthropologie (I find the kids' books/stuff section that exist in some Anthropologies a little weird and out of place, but totally awesome). I got Henry one too (well, an H) and I just love them. There are little hooks on the back to hang them on the wall, but Ruby's sits on top of her bookcase, which is an antique that used to live with Aaron's grandparents. This is as tidy as the top shelf ever gets (i.e. not very), as Ruby tends to stash anything up there that she doesn't want Henry to touch: her jewelry boxes, a little music box, the centrepiece from my brothers' wedding, photographs, her rock and coral collection... In our house it pays to be taller than three feet because you can reach the good stuff. I've been collecting ceramic figurines for Ruby to one day place on this shelf, but until she gets past the need to shove stuff up there, it isn't really a safe place for a lot of breakables.

In other news, I've lost my voice! This is the illness that will not end. Thankfully, I'm not feeling that bad, but it's hard to be an authoritative mother when you can only croak at your kids.

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Spacejams Vintage said...

this R is wonderful!!