Thursday, December 03, 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is A Ztar Warz Movie

Wow. First off, thank you to all who have dropped by/are still dropping by to sign up for my giveaway (the post is one below this one if you're still looking for it). I knew the response would be good since Sew Mama Sew is so popular and I am, after all, giving away something for free, but you've all said such nice things, it's warmed my heart. The comments will be open through the weekend, then I'll announce a winner on Monday.

What else... oh, I finished the Snowy Tree ornament from Alicia's Walk In The Woods kit. Cute, no? This means my teachers' gifts for playschool are finished. Whew. I'm moving on to the little house next, which will go on our own tree (yes, the Snowy Tree is currently on our own tree, but it's just for display purposes, I swear).

And I had to share Ruby's letter to Santa. I suggested that she dictate to me and I'd write it, but she insisted on writing it herself, with me spelling out every single word for her. I realize that I mislead her in the spelling of "Claus," but it was early and I had yet to finish my first cup of coffee. So much for my former life as a professional editor, eh? Still, it was hard for me to put this in an envelope and send it off, it is so precious. I have no doubt that Santa will bring her her Polly Pockets and Star Wars movie, because she is indeed the world's greatest girl.


Jenn said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my giveaway! I wanted to let you know that in case you don't win, I'd like you to come to my shop ( and you will receive 20% off any item of your choice! When you check out, write in the 'message' box the word GIVEAWAY and I'll refund you 20% of your purchase! Thanks again. :-) Have a great day!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I love that letter! You did save it right and sent a copy? So cute! I love it.