Thursday, December 17, 2009

Checking In

And the race is on to make six patchwork Christmas stockings before this time next week. It's not going to be easy -- I'm exhausted, not finished my shopping or wrapping, have a really painful cooking burn on my arm, and fear that Henry has the croup. Yes, I am whining. But if I don't finish, I can always buy some at the drug store on Christmas Eve and save these for next year, right? Right.

In other news, after constantly referencing Julie and Julia on this blog, I finally saw the film (I have kids -- I only make time to go to the theatre if it's a kids' or a, ahem, Twilight movie) and looooved it. How could a movie about cooking be so good? Of course, now I have all these plans to cook like crazy in the new year, which will probably never materialize. But it is nice to dream of duck wrapped in pastry, isn't it?

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