Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not A Creature Was Stirring...

Except for those disturbed by the never-ending whirl of the sewing machine. The presents are wrapped, but I'm busting my hump trying to get these stockings made before they have to be hung on the banister with care. I'm feeling like I'm completely insane for taking this on, partially because I don't really know what I'm doing and am kind of winging it. And I'm making six. But the end really seems to be in sight, I think I just need one more night in front of the machine.

Then there's the baking to do! I'm planning to make this for Christmas dinner. And I have to make my Grandma's famous Pistachio Pudding Pie for Boxing Day. And Christmas morning brunch. Thank heavens I'm not doing a turkey (thanks, mom).

Oh, and Ruby had her best friend from school, Julia, over yesterday to make gingerbread cookies. I used Martha Stewart's gingerbread recipe from the Cookie Book, and baked them in this crazy Wilton pan where you press the dough into molds rather than roll it out and cut it with cutters (I refuse to roll cookies). I gotta say, they were not great. It took me a few gos to get the baking time right (burnt gingerbread is never great), but they still tasted weird because they were super super spicy. Granted, I may have put too much in when trying to bake with two four year old girls and one one year old boy, but there was a lot of ginger and cinnamon in the recipe. Santa's going to get a bit of a kick in the pants when he stops by on Christmas Eve. Let's just hope he has some stockings to fill by then.

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