Tuesday, December 08, 2009


We're still a young family, so we're still in the process of collecting special Christmas ornaments to fill our home. Which means that even though we have a relatively small house, there are lots of places that are begging to be filled with seasonal items. Ruby and I have really been digging this book, which is full of crafty ideas for the preschool set. Today we made some tree ornaments out of felt, but her absolute favourite is these construction paper angels. Ruby is all over the angels this year. Like myself as a child, she likes anything that represents girl-dom. It's quite funny, really. Anyway, she's made two so far, but she asks to make more every day. It's a craft that she still needs a fair bit of help with, but when I have a spare moment, I don't mind helping to put these girls together.

And here is my kitchen space spruced up for Christmas. This space never photographs well, but I feel the need to document it as I change out the treasures. Note the coveted Pyrex Christmas bowl. I love it so, but I refuse to serve anything out of it during our holiday party because I'm so afraid someone will break it. I'm dorky that way, you know.

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