Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge

For the non-SPC obsessed, June has been declared Pop Art month. I'm a big Pop Art fan myself -- when I was about 14 I became a full-on Edie Sedgewick obsessive (yes, it was inspired by that song by The Cult). I read everything I could about Andy Warhol and the factory and became enthralled with the Edie: An American Biography book. That and Pamela Des Barres' I'm With The Band were my two favourite books when I was about 14 -- I don't know why but I was fascinated with the slightly bad girls, even though I was a painfully good girl myself.

Now, I know this picture of me doesn't do Edie justice, but I was inspired by her Warhol screen test as well as the photo that appears on the cover of my edition of American Biography (it was also used in Ciao Manhattan). So here's me, as Pop Art muse.

I still don't have my own camera here in Calgary, but my parents have loaned me theirs. I'll try to put up some knitting related content tomorrow. Back on track, baby, back on track.

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bekka said...

it's so cool when you get to live your dreams and be edie! i'm not a huge warhol fan, but one of my BFF is. so i try to like him, and Edie and the gang for her sake. your photo is really great! good job.