Monday, June 26, 2006

Halfway to 2007?

I've been feeling a little down in the dumps, especially about my creating-of-things (it's hard to feel productive when you don't have a home). I've been trying to compensate via compulsive muffin making (Ruby's moved on from an all-pickle diet to a high-carb thing, so the muffin is a good way to slip some fruit in), but since we're reaching the half way point to 2007, I thought I'd take stock of my knitting thus far. Surprisingly, I've made some nice things since the ball dropped on January 1. Here's my self-indulgent little list:

Jaywalker socks
baby legwarmers
Fairly Easy Fair Isle sweater
Mata Hari socks
Simply Lovely Lace Socks
Swing Thing
Retro Rib socks

So, what have you made so far this year? (Oh, and muffin recipes would be much appreciated -- I'm seriously obssessed)

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gnarly nanny said...

the enchanted broccoli forest cookbook has mega-good muffin recipes... let me know if you want some! (they're healthy, even.)