Monday, February 20, 2006

FO Alert! Jaywalkers!

Hooray! My first pair of socks! Here are the ever-so ubiquitous Jaywalkers, knit in Opal Handpainted Superwash, the same colour that Grumperina used for the original Magknits photo. It's weird, I rarely use the same yarn recommended by a pattern and I've never used the same colour. In fact, I bought this yarn before I even consulted the pattern. I guess Grumperina and I share the same impeccable taste.

Either way, I love this pattern and it was a great first sock experience. True, the chevron pattern doesn't have a whole lot of give and these babies are a little tough to pull on (I think one blogger called them calf corsets), but once they're on, they feel great. I don't know if I'd try them with a less stretchy yarn though. I'm fully addicted to socks now -- I joined Lolly's Project Spectrum because it's less pressure than the Olympics and I think I may try to do a sock in the designated colour every month. So, if any of you have suggestions for great patterns or sock books, please let me know. I'd like something beyond plain ribbing or stockinette, but I'm not that into cables on socks and although I'm open to some lace, I don't want my socks looking like doillies. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

Finally, props out to Canada's women's hockey team. You girls rock! (And yes, I can't believe that I watched hockey today. Have I mentioned that I hate televised sports? Except for the Olympics, of course).


carrie said...

they look so cute! i still haven't been bitten by the sock bug. i have the yarn, just haven't taken the leap.

i already have an idea for project spectrum in march. yay!

Celtic Knitter said...

That is the most awesome coloured yarn!!! Congrats on the socks. You are on the GTA ring right before me.