Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thank You SP!

I was beginning to worry a bit about my Secret Pal package -- not because I doubted my pal, who has been very good about staying in contact, but because our mail carrier was on vacation last week and the guy who took over her shift seemed to have mixed our address up with one on a perpendicular street. But, our mail woman is back on and she happily delivered me a bright orange envelope this morning full of SP goodness.

This is my first involvement in a blogger trade and while some people dog SP, I'm liking it, if only because it's a chance to give and receive fun things that you'd never buy for yourself. Now, I don't know if I'm such a great blogger that my personality becomes transparent through this thing or if my Pal is just especially perceptive, but she nailed my tastes perfectly. She sent a cute little tote bag, a little pen shaped like a lipstick, a card, the super awesome Bazaar Bizarre book and a hank of Noro Blossom in the Sunrise colourway. Oh, and a bar of Choxie chocolate! I have know idea if you know this or not, SP, but shortly before the holidays, Mariko at Super Eggplant was posting about Choxie and I was consumed with envy over the fact that there is no Target in Canada and I couldn't get my hands on the Choxie delights. And what have I been eating all day this Valentines Day? That's right, thanks to my Secret Pal, Choxie. So, whoever you are, you are very thoughtful and I thank you.

Ruby and I are both sick so we spent the day watching the Olympics, where Canada won a silver in cross country skiing. I think I'm in love with Canadian figure skater Emanuel Sandhu. I like our Jeff Buttle too, but whereas Jeff is cute in a "he looks like he's 12!" kind of way, Emanuel is a stone fox. I think he's actually a fashion model when he's not skating. Now, not to reinforce stereotypes, but I have a feeling that neither of these guys really have much interest in loving a girl like me back, but I can still admire them. And I like the fact that neither of them wore totally hideous costumes. They both fell in the short program today, but I'm confident that they'll redeem themselves in the free skate. Go Canada!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I was beginning to worry about you recieving the package as well so i'm glad to see that it finally arived :) Nope, i had no idea that you would be so in to the Choxie but i have been obsessed with Chocolate with chile peppers in it and hoped you might enjoy it too! Anyways, i'm glad you enjoyed your package. Be expecting another one very soon!
~Your SP

gnarly nanny said...

hi- i just stumbled upon your blog from SPT, and i love it! i think it's going to become one of my daily reads :)
i'm about 2 hours away from you, in buffalo... toronto is definitely my # 2 favorite city! (#1 being nyc...) and i'm a knitter too!