Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tutu For You

As promised, here's a photo of Ruby enjoying her Kate doll on her birthday. She seems to like Katie, though she'd rather hold her up to her nose, sniff her and then throw her across the room (lovingly, of course) than hug her or cuddle her. That's just Ruby's way, okay?

And yes, Ruby is indeed wearing a tutu in this photo. Since Ruby was born, her Nana (Leena) and I have fantasized about the day that our little Rubester would don a tutu. See, when Aaron's sister was a little girl, she knew from the get-go that she wasn't the kind of lady who would ever wear a tutu and she shunned he mother's attempts to play Barbie with her. I, on the other hand, was tutu-obsessed, but my own mother frowned upon gratuitous tutu wearing. I did have a little red tutu that was part of my costume for my ballet recitals, but I was only allowed to wear it to the performances. I was not to practice dancing in the tutu and I was certainly not allowed to wear it over my clothes and frolic around the house. The tutu hung in the guest room closet with my Dad's wool winter coat and I would open the door and stare longingly at it, sneaking a feel of its itchy mesh netting. I promised Leena that she could gift Ruby with her first tutu and shortly before her birthday, this little homemade pink tutu arrived in the mail. Ruby's let me put it on her a few times and she doesn't seem to have an opinion on it either way.

And no, I'm not posting pictures of other people's handiwork to avoid addressing the fact that I've barely been making anything these last few days. I have been busy with work stuff (I have a big interview with a certain female Portuguese-Canadian singer-songwriter/hip-hop diva coming up and it's required a bunch of annoying prep work) but last night I did diligently do the button bands on FEFI. And yes, I did cave and cast on my second Jaywalker. But that's not really starting a new project, right?

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Ariane said...

I like your color choices for your Kate! It's so adorable :) I'm making one myself, only in all pink (a "naked" kitty, I suppose) for my a friend's 3 year old daughter. :) As for Tu-Tu's...I did ballet from age 3 until I was about 7, so TuTu's were inevitable! :)