Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sacred Heart

When I first met Aaron he drove a beat-up yellow Volvo station wagon named Yolanda that his parents bought new in 1980. At the time, Aaron was working delivering food and in our early dating life I used to ride around with him in Yolanda as he drove from restaurants to people's homes, carrying warm and delicious meals. When Aaron's sister Daniella was in an accident and lost her car (Phyllis) a few years back, Aaron's dad dutifully drove Yolanda out to Vancouver where she took Daniella to and from work every day. The last time I saw Yolanda was last summer and she wasn't doing too well -- none of her doors, save for the driver's, opened and she was running rockily at best. Just before Christmas we received a message from Daniella saying that Yolanda had guzzled her last gallon of gas and was lovingly being put to rest.

Daniella's amazing girlfriend Erin saved the vinyl from Yolanda's interior and made something special for those who loved her best. The item pictured above arrived in the mail earlier this week with the following note:

To Ruby:

Enclosed is a little piece of history. So the story goes...

Much before you were born out, your father sped around town in a bright yellow Volvo wagon named Yolanda. Ohh, she was a dream with her brown interior and reliable heater. He caught your mother's eye and I guess you could say Yolanda was a bit of a matchmaker. Yolanda is no Longer with us. But she proudly gives you her heart and wishes you a very, very happy birthday. Love, your Aunties Daniella and Erin.

Man, I married into a creative family.


carrie said...

that's such a wonderful keepsake. did she embroider that herself? very impressive and thoughtful.

Erin said...

That's really a wonderful story and a wonderful gift---how cool for Ruby!