Monday, March 26, 2007

Groggy Monday

There's a bit of sleep deprivation going on in our house today. How did I give birth to such a willful and stubborn child? Wait... don't answer that.

Although last night was rocky I did manage to score some time for myself this weekend: dinner out with the girls and a morning of shopping with my friend Mark. While I failed to find a spring jacket at Winners (damn you, trendy trench coats! I want something different and it's just trench, trench, trench everywhere) we did stumble across an awesome moving sale. There was a ton of crafty stuff, but the lady at the sale told us that the contents of the house belonged to her very ill mother, who was being transferred to a care facility. I don't know -- there's something so invasive about garage sales anyway, and I just couldn't bear to take this lady's craft stuff, even though she probably can no longer use it anyway. I don't know if I'd want someone rummaging through my half-used skeins of yarn if I was ailing. It's silly, I know, but it just seemed too personal. If I want to be a hardcore thrifter, maybe it's better not to ask questions.

I did take some books off their hands though, and this little Fire Kind casserole dish. There were mountains of other vintage cook books, including a Better Homes And Gardens library, but I just chose a couple of craft books and some Pilsbury bake books. I already am building a Family Circle Illustrated Library Of Cooking and I didn't think Aaron would appreciate another full set coming home with me. Speaking of which:

I also managed to score some more Family Circle books at the thrift store this week. I'm working my way up to try making that wiener tiara this barbeque season.

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BB said...

In my experience, older folks don't like to see things wasted so I would have purchased the yarn (perhaps to aid in paying for the facility?) and assured her that it would be put to good use!
I'm heartless!!!