Friday, March 09, 2007

W.I.P. Friday: Hot Socks!

I know, I should be posting photos of the totally finished, totally blocked Fair Isle Cardigan. Here's the thing: I haven't sewn the pocket in or attached the buttons. I know. Part of my lack of motivation is Ruby's utter refusal to even try the thing on: she claims it "hurts." Also, she's been prancing around non-stop in a brown Old Navy hoodie that rarely comes off -- she puts it on over her pyjamas in the morning and I don't think there's any replacing it. That, coupled with her desire to wear party dresses every day (and rain boots) makes for a pretty interesting, but fairly typical, two-year-old wardrobe.

So, since the knitting of the cardigan is done, I cast on a pair of socks yesterday. They're Roza's Socks, as designed by Grumperina for the new issue of Interweave. I'm loving them. I had a couple of stashed hanks of Lorna's Laces' Shepherd Sock in Sassy Stripe on hand, though I'm sure this garish colourway would make poor Grumperina cringe. I like the colour combo -- it reminds me of a blanket my Grandma crocheted for me when I was little, but I'm not totally happy with the lack of striping. Last time I used this yarn (in Fresh Stripe), it was pretty stripey, but I know others have had pooling problems. This just looks like a bit of a mish-mash, but I kind of like it.

And finally, look at the progress on the crocheted blanket! I've been averaging a row a day, which is pretty quick going, now that I've got the technique down (I admit, I was throwing the yarn with my right hand -- I couldn't help it). Ruby has already told me that it's to go in her crib. I'm not sure about that, but hopefully I can get it done in time for the eventual move to a big girl bed.

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