Friday, March 02, 2007

W.I.P. Friday: Hello Dolly!

The Fair Isle Cardigan is in its final stages, Stars and Hearts Blanket is about 3/4 done and the crochet afghan is growing by about a row per day. So, here's the first look at the newest project, another Jess Hutch design. This little Dolly is a gift for my cousin's baby girl, who is due sometime this month. I think the toy/hat combo has become my signature baby gift, and since I've been assured that the babe is a little lady, I thought I'd take the opportunity to knit up Dolly from Jess' Unusual Toys For You To Knit And Enjoy.

I must say, so far at least, this is my favourite of all the Hutch toys I've made (and there have been, ahem, a few). So much so, that I'm contemplating keeping her, or making another for myself. Legs and arms should be finished up in a couple days, so I'll give you a full run-down on the Dolly then.

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