Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On Hiatus...

...Just for another day or so. I went to a really sweet baby's shower on Sunday and in my attempts to wrangle Ruby and get her out the door for a nap, I left my camera sitting on a side table. But it's probably for the best -- we're completely off in our house this week. Aaron's been out of town (thankfully coming back today) and Ruby is suffering hard from Day Light Savings time. I like the extra bit of sleeping in (though, I should probably put a stop to it if I want her to get back on track), but it's like she's lost any sense of reality. All of the kids in her little classes are behaving so oddly -- I'm telling you, it's not worth the extra sunlight in the evening.

In other me news, my dad was kind enough to take me to the hockey game last night (Ruby kept saying "Mummy and Grandpa go to hoppy game!") where the Flames beat the St. Louis Blues in a very exciting shoot out. There are perks to living in Calgary.

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Vicki said...

Hey..thanks for the comment! Yes, I'm ending my time with the lovely Mads this weeks. And, it's killing me. I'm trying to get back to my chosen profession and had an offer I couldn't refuse. (still childcare but combined with Sid going to jk I'll be able to work at the "home studio" quite a bit).
Love your blog by the way, read it all the time. Although not a knitter I still enjoy it!