Monday, October 01, 2007

Autumn Harvest

I had foolishly thought that I'd missed out on the year's thrifting, since I spent the whole summer unable to lift myself off the couch. How very very wrong of me. At the very last minute I found out about a huge (and apparently, very well known) rummage sale at a close-by community centre and trucked down there with Aaron, Ruby, Aaron's sister Daniella and her girlfriend Erin (who were both visiting from Vancouver). Holy crap, we scored. Everyone (except the very patient Daniella, who was horrified by the crowds, but stuck in there without complaining because of her love for Erin, who is a compulsive thrifter) walked out with gobs of stuff, even though we had to fight hoards of other thrifty types to get it.

I won't post pictures of everything I got, but I scored big at the art table (the woman working there didn't want to pack anything up, so by the end of it she was just shoving stuff into a bag for me without charge), with finds that included the little praying children carvings above. On the practical side, a really kicky steamer pot (also pictured). There's also bear cubs decoupaged onto a wood plaque, paintings of prairie buildings, a velvet painting of a cactus (Aaron's choice, NOT mine), a ceramic cat, picture frames, vintage cookbooks and tea towels begging to be turned into aprons. I do fear that this may have been my last hurrah for the season, but man, it was a good one.

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