Monday, October 29, 2007

This Charade Is Over

According to my notes in Ravelry, I started these socks in June. June! Last night, after months of pretty much exclusively knitting these babies while waiting for Ruby's preschool classes to let out, I finally finished off the toe to my Charade socks. Hooray. Here are the specs:

Charade Socks by Sandra at I May Be Knitting A Ranch House
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Downey
Needle: US 1 metal Addis
Mods: none

These socks didn't take so long to finish because of the yarn or the pattern (I looove both), just because of my summer of doing nothing and the heat pushed the idea of wool socks to the bottom of my priority list. The pattern was super easy and super fun and I'd recommend it to anyone (I'll also point out that it's super free). I will mention that while Sandra is responsible for both the pattern and the yarn (she bought the same colourway herself for a different pair of socks and led me to the shop that carried it), they may not be the greatest match in the world. She did warn against using self-striping for Charades and since I'm such a terrible judge of how a colourway is going to turn out, I didn't realize this was going to stripe like this. Oops. The pattern doesn't show as well as it could, but since I made a bunch of mistakes (and carrying it in my purse caused for some weird needle-sliding and stitch-dropping), the busy-ness of the yarn hides my gaffs.

And I do dig how very fraternal they are. Same dye lot, but the red is much more prominent in sock #2. Since I'm keeping them for myself, I don't have to worry about anyone else not appreciating this as much as I do.

In other news, I just returned from my first ever trip to Las Vegas. Wow. We had fun, but man, I never have to repeat it. We (by we I mean me and the very lovely Aaron) did have an amazing and romantic dinner and went to a really campy showgirl show, but we are not Vegas people. I can still hear the slot machines ringing in my ears and I was only there for two days. On a side note, I'm never taking non-direct flights again. Or flying that stupid Ted airline. What should have taken three hours (and was scheduled to take five) ended up taking 12 and a half hours. I could have gone to Europe in less time than that! Gak!

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