Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween From A Little Queen

Ruby loves her queen costume -- though she won't let anyone call her Queen unless the crown is on, as the dress alone is not transformation enough. We did an early trick or treat at the mall this morning and we might take her out to a few houses tonight, though probably only a few. The good news is, it seems I have a kid who doesn't love crappy candy. I let her choose one treat to eat when we got home and after opening, tasting and rejecting a red lolly and a pack of sour patch kids, she finally settled on an Oh Henry bar. So far, of the limited amount of candy (and it is limited, I'm a super mean mom), she likes chocolate and caramels (and the odd tootsie pop) but dislikes cheap suckers, red licorice and most jelly beans. Not bad.

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lamb-things said...

Ruby is so sweet and I can see how she's grown like Sadie. She's a perfect little queen.