Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fit For A Queen

Well, I just alleviated one source of October stress. The sewing of Ruby's princess (excuse me, I mean QUEEN) costume is complete. I know this picture isn't the greatest (kids' clothes never look great on a regular sized hanger), but I had to capture this moment of victory. Hooray.

I know it ain't perfect, and a master seamstress I am not. Sure, it looks like a nightgown (Sleeping Beauty, perhaps? The Princess and the Pea?). And yes, the hem is a little too short and the arms a little too long. But damn it, it's done. I winged it and it wasn't a total and complete disaster.

As previously mentioned, I based the costume on an old Butterick pattern that was a staple of our family's Halloweens in the '70s. I picked up my copy at a church garage sale a while back -- the problem being that it was sized for a 10 year old. So, I glanced at the shape of the pieces, loosely followed the instructions and just went for it. Like I said, imperfect, but entirely suitable for a two-year-old. Even better, it seems to fit and should even fit over her coat.

Now I just have to make her a foil-covered cardboard crown. Oh, and one for Aaron, who Ruby has decided must dress up as her king when he accompanies her on her trick or treating. Pictures of costume on kid to come at the end of the month. If I let her pose in it now, I'd never get it off.

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Vicki said...

Cool...wanna make one for Sid?? :)