Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shake It Up Baby

So, I've been feeling a little bit guilty about not knitting a baby gift for my cousin's new baby who was born in August. I'm especially feeling bad about it because it's her third kid and the third kid just seems to get so neglected when it comes to gifts, you know? But, time has been scarce and projects have been piling up, so six weeks have gone by and no gift. Bad cousin.

After finishing the Spherey for my friend's upcoming little dude/dudette, I decided to try Jess Hutch's Odd Fellow for my cousin's guy, since it was small (i.e. fast) and I'd never made one before. The problem was, once I started knitting him, I realized Odd Fellow is really really small, and hence not that fun to play with. So, I decided to stick a couple of jingle bells in him, omit the arms and legs (which were just too small and fiddly -- eight stitches on DPNs? No thanks) and voila! Baby shaker!

Because he's so tiny, I feel obligated to make a hat too. Can I finish that hat, and the hat for Ruby I have on the needles before I see the baby on Thanksgiving? Can I?


Grace said...

Great Odd Fellow! I really like the idea of putting bells in him. That will make a great baby toy! I have two older sisters so I know what you mean about the third child getting less presents. ;)

tania said...

yes! you! can! ( but don't worry if you don't)
:) ( insert cheerleader pom poms here)

sherriknits said...

I think he's just adorable even without the hat!

Anita (canuck) said...

Yes you can!

Think of the little engine that could.

(I know as the mother of a toddler that you're probably familiar with that book)

You could always get another set of needles.