Thursday, November 13, 2008

8 Months!

I can't believe that Henry has been with us for eight months. He still feels so new, but I also can't remember life before this crazy little man came into our lives. Happy 13th, little guy.

And, since I'm getting all mom-blog on you, I feel compelled to document an exchange of letters that's been going on. Ruby's dear friend Simon (and his baby sister and parents, who are dear friends of ours), moved to Toronto over the summer. It was a very sad farewell, and Ruby mentions frequently that she needs to go to Toronto to remind Simon that he's supposed to marry her. Yep, cute. Yesterday, we got a letter in the mail, which Simon dictated to his mother and she wrote down his words verbatim:

Dear Ruby,

We miss you. We hope you are having a good day.
I hope you will get to see us soon.
I will make a painting for you and put it in this letter.
I have a new home. Maybe sometime you could come in the spring and we could have a playdate together?
I am having a plum for dessert!

We have all our things unpacked now including the stero.
If you come over, we could listen to some music on the stereo together. The other thing is, we have lots of DVDs for you to watch

Sometimes cats come in our backyard and my daddy has to shoo them away.

Dear Ruby, I love you. We are eating supper and having apricot beer.

Bye Bye,

Here's what Ruby is writing back in return (also recorded verbatim):

Dear Simon,

I'm coming to Toronto. I want to see you. I want to play with you. I want to come over for a playdate. I love you.
Chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo! I want to play with you and share toys with you. I want to play some games.
We will have a magic word. How about we say "elephant" when we see each other. And we'll say "hi."
I will see you in May. I'll be smiling. And then I'll say "sparkle."
Thank you for your letter. I miss you.

Ruby. Hearts.

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