Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Pie...

... that's what Ruby was pretending this pillow is. I love it, and so does she.

I've always been drawn to crafts made out of doll parts, and I'm not just talking about the hipster jewelry that you can find made out of Barbie faces and such. I'm talking full-on granny craft. I love these kinds of pillows, I like the doll whose full crocheted dress conceals a box of kleenex, and as a kid I always wanted one of those birthday cakes that acted as a dress for a plastic doll. You know what I mean. This pillow is creepy and kind of looks like a baby pie, but I still think it's awesome in a totally unironic way.

While this would have been easy to make, I bought it for $5 at a local craft show... one of those community craft shows that is full of acrylic granny crafts: slippers, barbie clothes, ornaments, knit dolls, etc. I loved it. Now I just have to find a place in our house for the baby pie since Aaron has very clearly stated that he never wants to see it again. Boo.

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